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Thanks to how humanity works, there can and will be differences in our opinions. Some of these may be a dealbreaker for you, but I feel like it is important to explain them. For both of our comforts.

I do not have a solid DNI (do not interact) or BYF (before you follow). I block whenever I feel necessary. However, I do feel very strongly about some opinions below, and if you happen to disagree, there is a high chance I will block.

Proceed with an open mind. Additional content warning for mentions of p/dophilia.


Exclusionism in online communities is often harmful. I wouldn't say all the time, but often. Keeping people away from resources they deserve to have, octracising and shaming them, telling people they can't exist, are all forms of harmful exclusionism. I do think, however, that there are certain boundaries to inclusionism, and we can't say everything is valid either. Especially not when the label, identity, or statement, goes against the definition or goal of the thing it tries to adhere to.

Basically: a label, identity or statement should not be harmful to the community it belongs to. This means that pedophiles do not belong in the lgbt+ community, as this creates the idea that all lgbt+ people are harmful. On the other hand, ace people do belong in the lgbt+ community, as they do experience attraction very differently than non-ace people. Cis/straight or not.

Which brings us to my next topic.

System Discourse

I will say it upfront. endogenic systems are real and do exist. This is an opinion I am very passionate about.

Just because we are a fully traumagenic, OSDD-1b system, does not automatically mean we are anti-endogenic. Having been in the endogenic community for years, it'd be almost like betrayal to suddenly change our mind on that.

But this also does not automatically mean that we fully agree with the endogenic community's sentiments either.

We find a lot of the many, many labels currently being coined redundant. And while micro-labeling is absolutely okay, it isn't treated like micro-labeling. With some people in the community (at least on discord) pushing them as the standard. We often feel like we're being pushed inside a box, that we have to fit the community assigned terms, and that we can't use our own language to express ourselves.

This isn't even talking about the terms that are outright harmful. We personally do not think "sysmed" should be used as widely in the community, we also don't think system gatekeeping and transmedicalism are as comparable as people think. Malicitor is another example, which I still see used from time to time.

While endogenic systems do face stigma and rejection, they aren't as systematically oppressed. Non-disordered endogenic systems do not face the same degree of oppression that disordered systems get. Diagnosed DID/OSDD systems risk losing their job, their right to have children, their right for bodily autonomy. While this statement can be true for endogenic systems, it is far less common.

However, endogenics aren't responsible for the suffering of traumagenic systems either. And treating endogenics like they are a part of that oppresion is wrong as well.

/end of long rant

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